Vivitrol (Injectable Naltrexone for Sustained Release Lasting 28 days) Used for Opiod Dependence and or Alcohol Abuse Does Not Help Most NYC Patients.

By Natan Schleider, M.D. 4 MINUTE READ

September 2nd 2021


Reasons I Do Not Recommend Vivitrol in my Addiction Medicine Practice:

  1. If you have never taken naltrexone which is available as a once daily pill, what happens if you have a bad reaction to Vivitrol? Plenty of patients of mine will answer that by saying you feel like crap (IE dizzy, loopy, queezy, rash, constipated). If you are set on trying Vivitrol, take oral naltrexone once to make sure you tolerate it.

  2. The shot hurts like hell — the needles in the box are literally 3 inches long, way longer than needed–if done wrong and can get infected. If it gets infected, a surgeon must cyt out the medicine.

  3. Not covered by many insurances and rather expensive.

  4. After 28 days, its out of your system and you can use opiod and alcohol again.

  5. You CAN drink and use opiods when on Vivitrol

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