DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY differs from other psychiatrists & general practitioner offices in NYC:

  • Punctual–Our psychiatrists and general practitioners are New Yorkers. Our patient time is so valuable, we do not have a ‘waiting room.’ There is no need for one. Patients are seen on time all the time (barring emergencies)
  • Friendly—When you are thirsty on a hot summer day, visit our fridge for any beverages you want, from water to soft drinks. If it rains and you forgot you’re umbrella, we’ve got you covered (we have quality Davek umbrellas for you to keep). Trouble getting your medications? No problem, we work with pharmacies that deliver and compound medicines to ensure you have the exact treatment you need.
  • No red tape—Sick of completing redundant intake forms and punching tablets in waiting rooms that don’t work. We get it. Other than our New Patient Form[] you probably will not need another form again.
  • Family—DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY psychiatrists and general practitioners have been treating NYC like family since 2005. Patients are given the doctor’s direct cell and email. We prefer you call us if you start to feel sick rather than wait until you are really sick. ‘An ounce of prevention…’ Plus, we are really a ‘mom and pop’ psychiatric and medical practice. We have a handful of select doctors and you will always see the doctor of your choice unless, of course, you want a second opinion which is encouraged.
  • Mental Health Care and Medical Care under one roof—We don’t know many practices that manage psychopharmacology and psychiatry and general practitioner care in a single visit. For example, if you need a pre-operative physical examination form completed and are anxious about surgery, we can complete and collect all presurgical tests AND manage your anxiety.

Before we were doctors, we were patients. Why most primary care doctors treated many ailments, they were not comfortable managing anxiety, depression, and other common mental health and psychiatric problems.

DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY is pleased to provide 21st Century psychiatrist and general practitioner care from our NYC office or via telemedicine, whichever is best for our patient.

Please ­contact us  by calling or texting 646-957-5444 with any questions or schedule an appointment.