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5 Steps to finding the Best Psychiatrists in NYC for Bipolar Disorder

By Natan Schleider M.D.  June 20th 2021  3 Minute read


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How should a NYC patient find the best psychiatrists in NYC for bipolar disorder?

Here are 5 steps my NYC bipolar patients have used:

1. Schedule appointment with several psychiatrists. The ‘best’ psychiatrist for one NYC bipolar may differ from another NYC bipolar patient.

2. Figure out what ‘BEST psychiatrists’ means to the NYC bipolar patient. Some patients feel the best psychiatrists are the most accessible. On the other hand, the best NYC psychiatrists may be one who accepts their insurance. Or, the best psychiatrists may be: the smartest; the Chairman of a Hospital Department of Psychiatry; the friendliest and most personable or flat out cool.

3. Ask your family doctor or psychologist or talk therapist for a referral to the best psychiatrist in NYC for bipolar.

4. Know your budget. The BEST psychiatrists in NYC often do not accept health insurance. If the best psychiatrists accept your insurance, realize you may be seeing them weekly or monthly. Copays and coinsurance fees may add up if using insurance.

5. Realize the BEST psychiatrist in NYC for bipolar disorder MAY NOT NEED TO BE A PSYCHIATRIST! For example, a NYC bipolar patient stable on their medicines can have them prescribed by their NYC Primary Care doctor. In addition, psychiatrists do not always do medical work ups to search for organic symptoms of bipolar disorder. In other words, a thorough physical exam and thorough lab testing should be done BEFORE  bipolar diagnosis is made.

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Dr. Natan Schleider M.D.