NYC Psychiatry & Primary Medical: Ketamine IV & Spravato Depression Treatment in NYC

Updated by NatanSchleider, M.D. on January 10th, 2021


DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY: NYC Psychiatry & Primary Medical Care Doctors offer ketamin IV and Spravato Nasal Spray Eskestamine Treatment for Severe Depression in out Manhattan NYC.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that blocks the NMDA receptor. More recently, ketamine has been discovered as a safe and effective treatment for depression, and randomized controlled trials have shown rapid improvement in mood as well as reduction in suicidality compared to people who receive a placebo or another drug.

Is ketamine right for me?

Adults age 18 and over who suffer from moderate-severe depression and have not had success with traditional treatments for depression are eligible for ketamine treatment. Our comprehensive evaluation will include a medical history and basic lab results to ensure ketamine is safe for you.

Does ketamine really work?

Several randomized controlled trials demonstrate that ketamine has made a significant improvement in depressive symptoms and suicidality over the course of the first 2 weeks. In fact, if ketamine does not work for you after 2 sessions, the data suggest it is unlikely to work at all. KETAMINE IS NOT FDA APPROVED FOR TREATMENT OF DEPRESSION AS OF THE TIME I WRITE THIS (1.10.2021) BUT ESKETAMINE AKA SPRAVATO, A SISTER DRUG TO KETAMINE IS FDA APPROVED FOR DEPRESSION TREATMENT.

What are the risks?

For depression, the doses of ketamine used are much lower than the dose for anesthesia, making it relatively safe. That said, ketamine does carry the risk of changing (especially increasing) blood pressure and heart rate. Hence it must be administered in a health care facility to ensure safety and appropriate monitoring. Longer term risks include urinary symptoms, cognitive impairment (with prolonged use), and substance use disorders. We will monitor for these symptoms throughout the treatment.

What is the process to receive a ketamine treatment for depression?

  1. Schedule an appointment. Call 646-957-5444 or schedule a consult online []
  2. Our physicians and psychiatrists with expertise in treatment-resistant depression to determine if ketamine (or another treatment) is the best treatment for you.
  3. Evaluation of basic lab results to ensure ketamine is safe for you.
  4. The initial administration of the ketamine treatment.
  5. Twice weekly ketamine administration for 2 weeks with follow-up treatments as recommended by psychiatrist. A typical case would be 8-12 treatments over 4-6 weeks.
  6. Follow-up care as recommended by NYC DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY Psychiatrists and Primary Care Physicians.

How much does ketamine cost?

Intransal Ketamine: The cost for the service of administering intranasal esketamine in our offices is covered by your insurance plans we work with []. All office consults are $750 to $1,500 as stated Our Fees page. Please note this cost does NOT include the cost of the drug itself. The only FDA approved formulation of ketamine is intranasal esketamine, also known as SpravatoTM. This medication is brand-only. Your insurance may cover the cost of the medication itself, or you may need prior authorization, which DOCTOE IN THE FAMILY Office Staff will help with.

IV Ketamine: The FDA has not approved the use of IV ketamine for treatment-resistant depression, which means this is an off-label use of the medication. As such, ketamine treatment may not be covered by insurance and will cost $750 per infusion.

Does it matter if ketamine is administered via IV or nasal spray?

Esketamine  aka Spravato is a form of ketamine that can be used via a nasal spray that was FDA-approved to treat treatment-resistant depression in 2019. While esketamine aka Spravato does not require an infusion, it must be administered in a health care setting where patients can be monitored for up to two hours.


Please contact DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY psychiatrists in NYC if you are seeking information on ketamine and or esketamine aka Spravato depression treatment by calling or texting 646-957-5444.